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OK-VISE® Workholding Clamps and Accessories

OK-VISE®  is a well-recognized international trademark, best known as an original inventor and manufacturer of the wedge-operated low-profile clamps. Today our Fixturing Concept includes several systems, which enable customers to build fixturing with ease never previously experienced.

OK-VISE® products are used in workholding, especially in fixtures used in machining centers and milling machines. With OK-VISE components a variety of workpiece types, sizes and materials can be securely held on all possible workholding platforms

all based on original ok vise clamping method

The Only Original Wedge-clamp

RM painike

Multi-Rail RM

RH painike

Multi-Rail RH

Combo painike


Grid painike

Crid System

Blank painike

Blank Fixturing System

10 year warranty
10 year warranty underpins our confidence in the high quality of the OK-VISE®low-profile clamps, guaranteed by using only the finest raw materials, advanced high-tech production methods, and constant product development.