• Adjustable stopper modules

    Adjustable stopper modules (GS-)

     Code Dim.  STEP
     GS-SA1 icon pdf {joomdoclite step/GS-SA1_step.stp}
     GS-SA2 icon pdf {joomdoclite step/GS-SA2_step.stp}
     GS-RA1 icon pdf {joomdoclite step/GS-RA1_step.stp}

    Code format is GS-jAn, where corresponds to a jaw type and is a base type.

    GS SA1GS-SA1 gs ra1GS-RA1 GS R2A1GS-SA1R gs sa2GS-SA2

  • Fixed stopper modules

    Fixed stopper modules (GS-)

     Code Dim.  STEP
     GS-SF1 {joomdoclite step/GS-SF1_2.stp}
     GS-SF2 {joomdoclite step/GS-SF2_2.stp}

    Fixed stopper modules (GS-) are avalable with smooth jaws.


  • Spring guides

    Spring guides

    bs spring quides

    BE-12-18  Bushing
    SP-12-P1  Spring guide PLASTIC 12-100 N
    SP-12-2  Spring guide 12-100 N
    BE-16-25  Bushing
    SP-16-P1  Spring guide PLASTIC 16-100 N
    SP-16-6  Spring guide 16-200 N
    SP-16-7  Spring guide 16-300 N

    Assembly tools are also available. For example, SP-AT-16 is used for the D=16 springs.

     Code  STEP
    BE-12-18 {joomdoclite step/BE-12-18_step.stp}
    BE-16-25 {joomdoclite step/BE-16-25_step.stp}
    SP-12-n {joomdoclite step/SP-12.stp}
    SP-16-n {joomdoclite step/SP-16.stp}