Following hydraulic modules are available :

Hydraulic actuator HA-1S1

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The hydraulic actuator HA-1S1 is extremely low - only 50 mm in height. Still, using, for example, any of OK-VISE D-series clamps, it can create 4.4 mm (2 x 2.2 mm) clamping stroke. Single acting hydraulic function is standard because of the powerful return spring, but the actuator can also used in a double acting mode.

  • Max pressure 350 bar, max force 1.7 metric tons
  • Two G 1/4 ports for clamping and two for unclamping

    ha 1s1

  • Metal plug to close extra ports
  • Push spring (for single acting operation)
  • Option: Rotation stop pins (66 mm high model HA-1SR1)
Piston area / pull (cm2) 6.7
Piston force (kN) at 250 bar / pull 17
  at 350 bar / pull 23
Clamp force (kN) using DK2-VT clamp in standard conditions
  at 250 bar / pull 12
  at 350 bar / pull 17

Hydraulic actuator HA-2S1

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  • Test pressure 400 bar
  • Metal plug
  • Plastic plug
  • Rotation stop pins (high version only)HA 2S1 300x200
  • Push spring (for single acting operation)
Piston area/ pull (cm2)   3.8
Piston force (kN)    
  at 250 bar / pull  9.5
  at 350 bar / pull   13
Clamp force (kN) using BK2-VT clamp in standard conditions
   at 250 bar / pull  7.0
   at 350 bar / pull 


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