Multi-Rail RM side guides (RMG-)

Side guides are designed to assist in positioning the workpiece on the Multi-Rail. The workpiece is pressed sideways (as regards the clamping force) against the guide, either manually or using a spring guide.

Magnet side guide

magnet side guide

A combination of side guide RMG-1 and magnet M-1. This side guide can be moved rapidly from one place to another. Using this type of side guide users can adjust each side guide for a specific product and keep the guide ready for the next production batch.


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Side guide offset from the side of the rail is from -5 mm to +30 mm.

RMG 1 f1

Load assistant

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RMGS 4X2 2 300X400

Load assistant RMGS-4x2 holds the workpiece on the rail while operator is loading the workpieces. This saves time and muscles. Parallels with min. 8 mm height are recommended to be used with this unit (like RMP-1H8 in the photo right)

4 pcs of metal pins posses 100 N spring power each.


RMGS 4X2 app1 300x400RMGS 4X2 app2 300x400RMGS 4X2 app3 300x400

Side guide magnet M1


A magnet block with M5 thread. This was originally designed as an option for side guide RMG-1.

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