Low-profile clamps

Operating principle

OK-VISE low-profile clamps expand when they are tightened down, simultaneously pressing the workpieces against the guide and preventing their movement. They are designed to fit between workpieces and take up very little space on the fastening base. Small in size, yet with an excellent clamping force of up to 150 kN, these clamps guarantee a holding capacity that clearly exceeds the load of machining forces. Fastening with only one bolt ensures quick set-up times.

Low-profile clampsLow-profile clamps

Our low-profile clamps work just as well on single machines as in large Flexible Manufacturing Systems. In most straightforward applications, the only additional investment needed are the fixed stoppers.
OK-VISE clamps are a reliable basic component of any workholding and fixturing system.



Take a look at this video of OK-VISE clamp types:


Low-profile clamp jaw types

OK-VISE low-profile clamps are available with various jaw types:
Serrated jaws, smooth jaws, grip jaws, machinable jaws, additional piece models and self-aligning models

Additionally, there are several types of pull-down models and one type made from stainless steel.

Four different sizes

OK-VISE low-profile clamps come in four different sizes (A, B, D, F) for metric bolts (M5, M8, M12, M16), while the D-Series Inch Model is made for a half-inch bolt.






  D / inch


Serrated basic version   BK2-VT DK2-VT DK2-VTI FK2-VT
Smooth basic version   BK2-VT-S DK2-VT-S DK2-VTI-S FK2-VT-S
Grip jaw models   BK2-VT-Gn DK2-VT-Gn DK2-VTI-Gn FK2-VT-Gn
Models with machinable jaws   BK2-VT+3 DK2-VT+5 DK2-VTI+5 FK2-VT+5
Machined cross V models   BK2-VT-C DK2-VT-C DK2-VTI-C FK2-VT-C
Additional piece models   BK2-VT-T DK2-VT-T DK2-VTI-T FK2-VT+5
Self-aligning model   BK2-VT-B DK2-VT-B DK2-VTI-B FK2-VT-B
Self-aligning model, two jaws   BK2-VT-E DK2-VT-E DK2-VTI-E FK2-VT-E
Single-wedge pull-down, serrated   BK2-VT-PD DK2-VT-PD  DK2-VTI-PD FK2-VTI-PD
Double-wedge pull-down, serrated     DK2-WT DK2-WTI FK2-WT
Double-wedge pull-down, smooth     DK2-WT-S DK2-WTI-S FK2-WT-S
Stainless steel model   BK2-VT-SS      
Economy-series, serrated jaws   BK2-VT-O      
Economy-series, smooth jaws AK2-VT-SO BK2-VT-SO      
 Metric bolt size M5  M8  M12    M16
 Imperial bolt size 3/16"  5/16"    1/2"  5/8"
 Force up to (kN)  10  25  90  90  150
Force up to (lbs) 2 200 5 600 20 000 20 000 33 000
AMin...AMax (mm, compared to optimum) -2.9...+ 2.5 -1.9...+3.0 -3.3...+5.2   -4.9...3.3
Bolt offset (mm) 2 x 0.7 2 x 1.2 2 x 1.1   2 x 1.7

Normally the end of the code is describing the jaw type, for example -T stands for a model with two additional pieces.
Self-aligning models (-B) have two types of jaws, smooth and serrated. 

D-series clamps are also designed for a half-inch bolt. The center hole of the inch-series wedge is wider in order to fit the half-inch socket head screw.
In inch models last part of the code is -VTI ( instead of -VT in metric models).

Jaw combinations

You can order also low-profile clamps where jaws are not the same type - even if they might not be standard products.
If both jaws of the clamp are the same, typically there is one letter in the end of the code ( like DK2-VT-T has two addtional piece jaws ).
If jaws are different, there are in most cases two letters in the end of the code ( like BK2-VT-SR has one smooth jaw and one serrated )
Same way clamps BK2-VT-BT and DK2-VT-BT posses one self-aligning jaw ("B") and one jaw for addtional piece ("T")

jaw nr 2 \ jaw nr 1    D  Gn  +5 /+3  C  H  V  T B
Serrated basic version R   SR DR RGn +5R CR HR VR TR B
Smooth basic version S   S DS  SGn +5S CS HS VS TS BS
Diamond coated surface  D     D DGn +5D CD HD VD TD BD
Grip jaw models Gn        (*3)       Gn +5Gn CGn HGn VGn TGn BGn
Machinable jaw +5 / +3 (*1)         +5          
Cross V slot C         +5C C HC VC TC BC
Horizontal V-slot H         +5H   H VH TH BH
Vertical V-slot V         +5V     V TV BV
Additional piece models T         +5T       T BT
Self-aligning jaw B          (*2)         +5B         E

*1  :   +3 stands for machinable model in B-series, +5 in D-series
*2  :   Self-aligning jaws available in B- and D-series only
*3 :    G = knive edge, G1 = one hard steel pin, G2=two pins, G3=3 pins

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