Clamps with pin grip jaws

These models are equipped with n hard steel pins (= 1...3 pcs), which increases the friction between the workpiece and the jaw.

Clamps with code ending on Gn (e.g. DK2-VT-G2) contain n pieces of grip pins in both jaws. In clamps with code xK2-VT-RGn one jaw is serrated and hardened. Other jaw combinations are available upon request.

 Code Dim.  STEP
BK2-VT-G1   X
BK2-VT-G2   X
BK2-VT-G3   X
DK2-VT-G1   X
DK2-VT-G2   X
FK2-VT-G1   X
Combo models    
BK2-VT-RG1   X
BK2-VT-RG2   X
BK2-VT-RG3   X
DK2-VT-RG1   X
DK2-VT-RG2   X
DK2-VT-RG3   X








Clamp DK2-VT-RG3 (D-size with 3 grip pins in one jaw) is shown in the photo below.





Clamps with knive edge grip jaws

 Code Dimensions  STEP

clamp with grid jawclamp with grid jaw2

This types of clamps posses one or two serrared knive edge jaws

Types xK2-VT-SG - where x stands for the size) have the other jaw smooth, whereas in types xK2-VT-G both jaws are same type

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